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Online Assessment

The FREE Online Assessment is designed to instantly determine that either you are eligible to apply for a visa to Australia, Canada, Denmark, USA, and UK.

Our Online Assessment incorporates criteria set by our Immigration experts of the above countries .

Our Online Assessment is the most accurate and comprehensive Online Visa and Immigration Assessment tool available for our valuable users.

By completing an Online Assessment you will be able to view your results and would also be able to get print for your assessment results if you need it.

The easy to understand Online Assessment takes approximately five to ten minutes to complete.
You are instantly notified of your result when you have completed the Online Assessment.

Here are a few top tips to guide you through the Online Assessment process:

  1. Complete the Online Assessment that most closely matches your current circumstances

  2. Answer all the questions honestly

  3. If you don't qualify the first time, try the assessment again, try using your partner as the primary applicant, or investigate other visas classes,

  4. A 'pass' result entitles you to a free consultation with our expert's team.Don't forget to nominate your preferred contact number and a convenient time of day for an expert to ring you.