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Australia is the world's sixth largest country in area ,three times that of India. It is an "outpost of European civilization in the southwest Pacific to quote a popular view among white Australians.This attitude is reflected in immigration policy and the political and economic structure.

Australia and the island of Tasmania is located in the continental part of the Pacific.The northern region is the most rainy in the country has a tropical climate and is covered by dense rainforest.The climate in the southeastern part of the country is subtropical with a rainfall, which is fairly evenly distributed over the year.This is 75% of the population of concentrated.Grown wheat, oats, barley and sugarcane.

Australia is one of the world's largest wheat producers.The country has the world's largest population of sheep that graze on the steppes and savannas of the interior of the country.It is also one of the world's largest mineral producers:Coal, iron, bauxite, lead, zinc, copper, nickel and uranium.It is self-sufficient in oil and has a significant industrial capacity - concentrated in the southeastern part of the country.The earth is suffering in many places during a rising saltudpining.Many unique species of both plant and animal kingdom is in danger of extinction due to destruction of their traditional growth conditions.

People of Australia :As the British 'discovered' Australia in 1778 it was inhabited by a native population - Aborigines - of around 250,000 spread over 500 tribes.In 1901 there were only 66,000 left.Today, they represent 1% (200,000) of the total population.They live mostly in parallel with European descendants, but socio-economically far more degrading conditions.The descendants of Britons today constitute about two thirds of the total population.The rest is made up predominantly of immigrants from Asia, Europe and Latin America.


Religion: Christian 74% (24% Anglicans, 27% Catholics, 8% related entity Church, Methodists and others) Buddhists, Muslims, konfusianere and other groups 13%.

Language: English

Political parties: Liberal Party (center-right oriented). National Party (NP). The two parties won the elections in an alliance in 1996. Labour Party, the Democratic Party (center-oriented). New Left Party - formed in 1989 after the dissolution of the Communist Party. Moreover: the Socialist Party, Communist Party-ML and the Greens.

Social Organizations: The Australian LO, Actu is the largest national organization with 133 affiliated associations.

Official Name: Commonwealth of Australia

Administrative divisions: 6 states and 2 territories

Capital: Canberra, 345,000 inhabitants (2008)

Other major cities: Sydney, 3,985,800 inhabitants; Melbourne, 3,317,300 inhabitants; Brisbane, 1,535,300 inhabitants; Perth, 1,365,600 inhabitants; Adelaide, 1,115,900 inhabitants (2000)

Government: Parliamentary monarchy. Quentin Bryce is since September 2008, Governor-General, appointed by the Queen. Julia Gillard has since June 2010 Prime Minister. Parliament has two chambers: the House of Representatives with 150 members and Senate with 76th Foreign policy can the country following its participation in America's war of aggression against Iraq in 2003 described as a rogue state.

National Day: 26 January. Australia today.

Armed Forces: 59,000 (including 7,500 women)

Dependent areas: the Cocos Islands, Coral Islands, Norfolk, Christmas Island