Canada has excellent educational opportunities for foreign students.Several Danish schools have exchange agreements with Canadian universities.You can also go on a language course in Canada, where both English and French spoken.

Canada is a multicultural country with a large and growing indigenous population (first nation people).Many Canadians have ancestors in Europe, and in recent years, immigration from Asia has increased in extent.

They speak English in most of Canada, but in the province of Québec is the main language is French.Because of a relatively large English-speaking minority, there are also English-speaking schools (colleges) and universities here.In large parts of eastern Canada speaks both French and English, especially in New Brunswick, which is the only official bilingual province.

Canada has the last few years witnessed an economic growth despite expectations to the contrary after the terrorist attack of 11 september 2001 in the USA.In particular, growth in the entertainment industry, especially the film industry. We talk today about Canada as North Hollywood.There is also a rapid development in IT.