Canada Skilled Immigration-


This page will explain you that how to apply for a skilled Immigrant to Canada.Skilled workers are selected as permanent residents based on their education, work experience, knowledge of English and/or French, and other criteria that have been shown to help them become economically established in Canada.

Skilled workers are people who are selected as permanent residents based on their ability to become economically established in Canada.

Federal skilled worker applications are assessed for eligibility according to the criteria set out below.

For your application to be eligible for processing, you must:

Have a valid offer of arranged employment or

Have one year of continuous full-time paid work experience in at least one of the occupations listed here * OR

Be an international student enrolled in a doctoral program in Canada (or graduating from a Canadian PhDprogram within the last 12 months) and meet certain criteria.

* The occupation on the list are in areas where there is a documented need in Canada for more employees. If you apply under this stream, CIC will only accept your application if you have experience with one of those professions.
Work experience minimum

If your application is entitled to deal with it then will be assessed in relation to minimum requirements.

Your work experience must be: At least one year, continuous and paid (full time or equivalent part-time) AND Skill Type 0 (managerial occupations) or Skill Level A (professional occupations) or B (technical occupations and skilled trades) on the Canadian National Occupational Classification (NOC) list.

If you meet the above minimum requirements, your application will be processed after the six selection factors in the skilled worker points grid, which are:

your education

your skills in English and / or French (Canada's two official languages)

your work experience

your age

If you have arranged employment in Canada, and

Their adaptability.

You must also show that you have enough money to support yourself and your dependents after you arrive in Canada.

If you apply to immigrate to Canada as a skilled, your application will be processed based on the rules in force on the date you apply, even if they change when you apply.

How to Apply:

Follow these steps to apply to immigrate to Canada as a federal skilled:

Download and print the correct application package

Fill out your application

Calculate your fees

Check your application

Submit your application

First Get the correct application package.The application package includes instructions and all the forms you must fill.Download the Federal Skilled Worker Application Package.You can print the guide and use it to help you fill out the forms correctly.

Second Fill out your application.Fill out the form on your computer, and when you are finished validate the Generic Application to Canada [IMM 0008] online and print barcodes ago, then sign where indicated.Include the barcode page with your application.Print the other (you can not store them on your computer), and sign where indicated.Answer all questions carefully, completely and truthfully. Incomplete application packages will not be processed and will be returned to you.

You must complete all the forms:

Generic Application to Canada [IMM 0008]

Additional Relatives / statement (if applicable)

Appendix A: Background / Declaration

Appendix 3: economic classes: Federal Skilled

Additional Family Information

Separation declaration for minors traveling to Canada (if applicable)

Statutory Declaration of Common Law Union (if applicable)

Fee Payment Form - Application for permanent residence - Federal Skilled Worker

Use of a Representative. You must complete this form if you want to use an agent to help you apply. Using a representative is a personal choice.

You must go through medical, criminal and background checks.An applicant with a criminal record can not be allowed to enter Canada.People who pose a risk to Canada's security are also not allowed to enter Canada. Medical, criminal and background checks are explained in the application package.You should also take a language test and include your results.Third Calculate your fees

a) The processing fee for you and your relatives who will accompany you to Canada must be submitted when you apply.Information about how to pay your processing fee is included in the instructions.If you are found uneligible to apply, the department of Immigration and Citizenship of Canada will inform you and refund your processing fee.

b) The right of permanent residence fee.You must pay this fee if your application to immigrate as a skilled worker is approved.It covers you and your spouse or partner, if applicable.It must be paid before Citizenship and Immigration of Canada issues your permanent resident visa.This fee is refundable if you cancel your application or if you do not use your visa.You will have to pay fees to third parties.Your medical examination.A police certificate if you need one as part of your criminal and security check and your language test.

Fill in the Fee Payment Form - Application for permanent residence (IMM 5620) (PDF, 29 KB) and include it with your application to the CIO.On-line payments are not accepted by the CIO.

Check your application:Ensure that your application and all forms completed and signed ,Their handling fee is included and all required documentation are included.If not, your application will be returned to you, and you'll have to fill out and resubmit it.Use the document checklist included in the application package (Appendix A) to make sure you have not forgotten anything.To validate the Generic Application to Canada [IMM 0008] online and print and include the barcode side, it will help your application is complete and helps you avoid delays.

Submit your application:Send your application and fee to the Centralized intake Office of the Federal skilled worker Applications in Sydney, Nova Scotia (Canada).Do not send your federal skilled application to the visa office responsible for your country of nationality or residence.