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Denmark is the southernmost country in Scandinavia. The country, which consists of many islands are small, densely populated and surrounded by lovely beaches Denmark is the smallest of the five Nordic countries. The whole country has roughly the same area as the Finnmark county in Norway. On the other hand, Denmark has very good and arable land which is utilized maximally. With around 5.5 million inhabitants, Denmark is the most densely populated country in the Region. In and around the capital Copenhagen live about 1.2 million people.Denmark is a constitutional monarchy. Queen Margrethe II has no real political power, and Parliament is the country's highest authority. Denmark is a member of the EU but has retained the crown as a currency. The country is also a member of the defense alliance NATO.The main sources of income in Denmark is oil and other energy, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, shipping and services within the IT industry.

GDP per capita. capita is 29,700 euros (2006).Total area 43,561 km2,Land Area 42,890 km2 Arable land nurseries and orchards 25,329 km2 Forests and plantations 5,294 km2 Lakes and streams 671 km2 Biggest lake Arresø - 39.5 km2 Highest point Yding Skovhøj - 172.5 m Coastline 7.314 km Normal rainfall (1961-1990) 712 mm Rain Copenhagen (2006) 823 mm Population 1 januar 2011 5.560.628 Population density first January 2011 129.4 people per km2 Population, capital First January 2011
1199.224 (Copenhagen incl. Suburbs) 1

National Day of 5th June (Constitution Day June 5, 1849)
Form of government Constitutional monarchy
Parliament Folketing (179 seats)
Membership in the EU since 1 January 1973
Meldemskab of NATO since the fourth April 1949
Head of state Queen Margrethe II
Political leader (september 2011) Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt (Social Democrats)
Currency Danish Krone (DKK)
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Official language

Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, Alberton, Brøndby, Gentofte, Gladsaxe, Glostrup, Herlev, Hvidovre, Lyngby-Taarbaek, Tehran, Tårnby and Vallensbæk municipalities and populated parts of Ballarat, Rudersdal, Furesø, Ishøj City and Faridabad.