Britain is geographically an island located in the Atlantic Ocean west of continental Europe. Britain is the largest contiguous area in the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland consists of the geographical areas of Great Britain (England, Wales, Scotland) and Northern Ireland.

Name: United Kingdom - United Kingdom.

Population: About 61 million people.

Total area: 244,820 km2.

Capital: The capital of UK is London, which has about 12 million inhabitants. Other major cities include Birmingham and Leeds.

Population: The population consists mainly of Englishmen.

Life expectancy: 81.13 years for women and 76.09 years for men.

Language: English (some places Welsh or Gaelic.)

Religion: Church of England (Anglican) approx. 60% of the population, the Church of Scotland (Presbyterian) and the Free Churches of Wales. In Northern Ireland, approx. 40% of the population katolikker.Altovervejende Roman Catholic, ca. 98%.

Government: Monarchy with a parliamentary controller sets.

Currency: British pound.

Country Code: United Kingdom

Climate: Weather and climate in Britain similar to weather and climate in Denmark. The climate is a humid maritime climate, the east coast is drier than the west coast.