USA covers 9,809,155 km2, or approximately. 228 times as large an area as Denmark.

In the U.S. there are approx. 310 million. inhabitants. The capital is Washington D.C.

American English is the official language in America. In some parts of the country speaks Spanish.

Monday-Friday Saturday Sunday
Banks 9-16 9.30-12 * -
Stores ** 9.30 to 18 9.30 to 18 -
Stores ** 9.30 to 21 9.30 to 21 -
Post Offices *** 9-17 -

* Only some banks are open Saturday

Museums and galleries are very versatile co-ordinated opening hours. Some are closed on weekends, others have closed a single day of the week. Large museums are usually closed on Mondays.
Petrol stations have too often days open, and most places have credit card machines.All opening times are approximate.

It is customary to add 15 to 20% of the bill at restaurants and bars. Taxi drivers also expect between 10 and 15%.

Alcohol and smoking
It is not allowed persons under 21 years to purchase or consume alcohol. Consider using. driver's license as proof of age.

There are smoking bans in most U.S. cities in workplaces, restaurants and bars. In New York City, smoking is also prohibited in parks and on beaches throughout the state. Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles have similar bans in public places.

Time Zone
United States is divided into 6 time zones.

Eastern standard time: For example, in New York = 6 hours after Danish time
Central standard time: For example, in Dallas, Texas = 7 hours Danish time
Mountain standard time: For example, in Phoenix, Arizona = 8 hours Danish time
Pacific standard time: For example, in Los Angeles, California = 9 hours Danish time

Alaska and Hawaii each have their own time zone and is respectively. 10 and 11 hours after Danish time.

From mid June to early september.

Official holidays
First January: New Year's Day
4th July: Independence Day
11th november: Veterans Day
25th december: Christmas Day

The following anniversaries fall on alternate dates:
Third Monday in January Martin Luther King's Day
Third Monday in February: Washington's Birthday
Last Monday in May: Memorial Day
First Monday in September: Labor Day
Second Monday in October: Columbus Day
Fourth Thursday in November: Thanksgiving Day

These holidays are observed in most states, but check locally.

00 1 and No.

Mobile Phone
The U.S. mobile network runs on a different band than the European, so you must have a trebåndstelefon to use it in USA. Most new phones are today trebåndstelefoner. If in doubt, ask where you bought the phone.

You must also have international calls on your subscription. Recommended. your provider and inquire about the possibilities with your subscription. Enquire also about your provider partners, so you do not come to call the above prices.

Note also that in desert areas and national parks may experience that you can not catch a signal.

110 or 120 volt AC power. It is necessary to bring the adapter.