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About Us

We (Free Visa Assessment.com)  with our team of immigration experts are working hard to assist international students,business visitors,and skilled immigrants to achive their targets to move abrod.

Presently,we are focusing on international marketing and international student recruitment, family visitors, skilled base immigration, and the placement of international students into educational settings in the Australia, Canada,Denmark,New Zeeland,Spain, United Kingdom and United States.

While we realize that their would be an easy and quality online assessment option to support international initiatives, we are also aware that others are in need of assistance, as they begin to internationalize their campuses.

Specifically, if you are interested in outsourcing your international marketing and student recruitment efforts, then we would be pleased to discuss the various strategies available to you, given the amount of support and commitment by your institution to this very important venture.

Our staff has experience in international student’s recruitment and placement, and we would be pleased to discuss and determine the best methods for increasing the international student’s enrollment for your institution.

In addition, we would be pleased to discuss with you the various strategies for campus internationalization, including commitment and consensus building, internationalizing the global networking of faculty, scholars and students.

Finally, we are able to introduce your institution to the many schools, colleges, universities and educational agencies overseas. Who are interested in collaborating with your institution for international exchanges and student enrollment.

We are different from our Competitors by offering our comprehensive and genuine free online assessment and visa processing services to students interested in pursuing their higher studies abroad.

We provides educational counseling for students, including advice and support for all levels of overseas students planning their studies in Australia, Canada,Denmark,New Zeeland,Spain, United Kingdom and United States.A particular focus is on postgraduate studies (Master's level and Ph.D.)English Language courses as well as on undergraduate courses placement.

We offers a range of educational consultancy services to local universities and colleges through its affiliated international academic and professional institutions. We provide a link to the most advanced developments in higher education via affiliated university providers.

We holds a pre-departure briefing to give students information about life in the Australia, Canada,Denmark,New Zeeland,Spain, United Kingdom and United States, travel plans, accommodation and generally what to expect during the time studying abroad. Students will get an opportunity to ask questions about their upcoming experience and will also get a chance to meet other students who are going to study overseas.